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Entry board - blackboard paint by Colorantic


A combination of Nature green and Grapefruit pink gave a punch to this rustic Entry Chalk Board. With spring upon us, these two Colorantic colours will give your furniture a bright, vintage look!

Recycle your old items and give them a second life with chalk based paint. It adheres well to almost any surface. Here are the products that I used for this creation.

Entry board
chalk board


Clean all the surfaces to help the paint adhere to the surface. Colorantic’s Cleaner and Varnish Remover removes all dirt and impurities, such as oil or other greasy substances that may have settled on it. Leave on for a recommended time and wipe off.

Once all the surfaces are dry, you will sand your project with the Colorantic Sanding Block. As I wanted to bring out the wood grain to give it a vintage Boho look, I didn’t use a primer for the project.


Applying the paint and creating the Boho effect

I applied Grapefruit all over. I let it dry for an hour between the two coats. Nature chalk based paint here is used for following to bring out the angles, the corners, and darken the sides. One coat was enough.

Before sanding, I let my project dry for a good hour to achieve the desired aged effect. I applied more pressure to the sanding to bring the wood grain to some areas.


Creating an Entry Chalk Board

A panel was inserted into the wood frame and painted with Night to create a chalkboard. Three coats of paint are the suggested quantity for the chalkboard, with light sanding between coats. After the third coat has dried, rub chalk all over the board surface and wipe it off. Your chalkboard is now ready to use.



Colorantic’s Natural Beeswax is applied all over the frame (careful not to apply to the chalkboard). Let it dry for a few days. 

Voila! Your Entry Chalk Board is ready to hang!


Entry board

Your Chalk board can be used to hang your keys and to leave messages too! Follow me on my Facebook page L’atelier du meuble vintage.

Claire Gendron


L’atelier du meuble vintage

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