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Become a Colorantic Consultant and work remotely from home or anywhere, whenever you want.
Earn extra income while doing something you love.

Enjoy a flexible income, your own schedule, fantastic rewards and discounts, and the support of a caring community.

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Getting Started

Step 1

Sign up to be a Colorantic Consultant. You’ll get the tools to run your business from anywhere – even from your phone!  Upon registration, you’ll receive:

The site is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You will have an affiliate link as well as a promo code, so you can either place orders by grouping those of your customers or give them the link so that they place their orders themselves.

Access to marketing emails and images to promote your business. Our Marketing team will send you newsletters so you can forward them to your email list.

FREE online training to help you get your business started and keep it growing.

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An expert photographer is on hand to maximize your chance of success by creating stunning pictures, perfectly staged with lights and background; all of which are just as important as the picture content itself.

We also have experts available for all your video needs. They can help you create a YouTube page, a Facebook page, or both. This is an excellent tool to help you post professional content as well as LIVE videos on social media, to attract new customers and keep existing customers engaged.

Step 2

Pick the kit that’s right for you!

This month, start your business with a Colorantic Consultant Kit, carefully curated for the success of your first Paint Party!

We have three options to choose from:

Basic Creator Kit

$400 + value for


Deluxe Creator Kit
$750+ value for $499.99

Professional Creator Kit
$1100+ value for $799.99

a paint kit for consultants and paint party

New Colorantic Consultant Kit Credit

As a host, you can use $25 or $50 of your free product rewards toward your new business.

Step 3

Start the paint party! As a Colorantic Consultant, you will:


Inspire confidence and creativity.

You’ll hold parties—online or in person—to bring people together to share tips, projects, and tools that make furniture upgrading such a fun and popular hobby.


Share your favorite products and tips.

Parties aren’t the only way to make money. You could also paint furniture for others, become a consultant for Home Staging and Real Estate agents, participate in tradeshows/events and more!  You can share your finished projects on a Facebook business page where customers can buy and/or place custom orders with you, and where you can do LIVES to engage with your customers.


Join a community—and help it grow.

Your team will be there to support you every step of the way.  Plus, when you find someone else who you believe would be really great at this too,  it allows you to build your OWN team & business!

What’s in It for You?

You mean…besides earning commission on every sale? Here are more amazing perks:

Balance Work & Life

Make your business work around other important commitments, like a full-time job or family—and take it with you wherever you go.  With your website and online tools, it’s never been easier to make some extra income.

Free Products & Discounts

You benefit from 25% off products right away, and every month you’ll have the chance to earn products or Colorantic merchandise like t-shirts, bags and more!

Fantastic Rewards

In addition to free products, you could earn rewards based on your sales as well as obtain a higher percentage (profit) if your goals are met.

become a consultant

Join us for a live webinar to learn more about the business and ask questions.

In Their Own Words

Don’t just take it from me! Here’s what a few other consultants have to say.

“It was important to have something to make extra income when I wanted to do it.”

– Andie

“This might be paint jars that bring us together, but we make friendships for life.”

– Diane

“It’s all about creativity and taking off your daily routine when I hold a paint brush.”

– Cassandra


How do I sign up to be a Colorantic consultant?

It’s easy! Just reach out to us and we will schedule a meeting.

Contact Lidy

819-795-4442 x 102

What’s an in-person party?

An in-person party is a consultant-led event that’s held in someone’s home—usually your host’s. At the party, you’ll share how Colorantic products build confidence and relaxing moments while painting & creating and provide the inspiration so many people need.

The host typically provides the party location, products, and guest list, and you provide a short painting experience and the fun. The whole party usually lasts about 90 minutes.

What’s a virtual party?

During a virtual party, you share products, projects ideas, and tips. The party happens online, usually on Facebook®, and can vary from shorter one-hour parties to sharing products, decor ideas, and tips over a week.

I don’t paint much. Can I still be a Colorantic consultant?

Absolutely! Sharing how our products and tips solve a creating needs, relaxing moment for our busy life and is so much more important than your painting skills. We will provide plenty of training and information (in your kit and online) to help you feel comfortable and confident.


Our products and tips are designed to be easy to use, so even if you’re not a professional painter, you’ve got this!  Many consultants were mere beginners or novice when they started—but the more they created and had fun with it,  the more their confidence and love for DIY grew.

What does it mean to be an independent consultant?

As an independent consultant, you’ll bring people together and share our high-quality products and inspirational tips and trick that make painting furniture fun and easy. You will share your passion for DIY – all while earning commission for each sale.

Furthermore, you decide how you want to run your business: Share and sell through virtual, in-person, or catalog parties, or a combination. You pick your hours and how much time to invest. Fit your business around your family, another job, even vacations.

It’s your business, so make it your own!

Do I need a consultant to sign up?

If you already have a consultant you’ve worked with—great! You can search for your consultant when you fill out your consultant agreement. If you’re not working with a consultant, you’ll be able to find one in your area to be your coach. Either way, you’ll join a team that will support and encourage you.

What other ways can I sell?

We invite you to create your own Facebook page/group, where you can collect online orders. We also provide training and resources for host reward parties, shared reward parties, fundraisers, and wedding showers. You can also offer your service to paint furniture for orthers, and also provide service to Real Estate agents to flip houses with minimal costs with Colorantic products. You’re going to be excited about your new business—and you can start sharing on social media right away!

What comes in the new consultant kits - compare kits -?

Check out the kit comparison chart to see what comes in each of our beautiful creator kits.

The Basic Creator Kit for $269.99.* This kit is only available for the launch of the Colorantic Consultant Program. It comes with the 2 oz sample box, a Colorantic apron (choose: red, grey or black), a few sanding blocks and a few paint brushes, posters and flyers, documentation, one free products’ training, private consultant newsletters & weekly videos and more.

The Deluxe Creator Kit for $499.99. Includes more than $750 in products and business tools. A kit of 4 oz products, sanding blocks, paint brushes for the 32 colours, a Colorantic apron (choose: red, grey or black), posters and flyers, documentation, many marketing and products free training, a personal website, private newsletters & weekly videos and more.

The Professional Creator Kit for $799.99. Includes more than $1100 in products and business tools. It comes with everything listed above but with all 8 oz paint jars products and more paint brushes and accessories. 3 aprons (each colour: red, grey and black), posters and flyers, documentation, multiple sessions of free marketing and products (free) training, a personal website, private newsletters & weekly videos and more. You will also have your very own Colorantic designer assigned to you to assist you in taking your business to the next level!

Choose your creator kit based on the types of parties you’d like to have and the investment you want to make. Besides our great products, each creator kit comes with everything you need to start your business right away.

Tip: When you host a party, you can use part of your host rewards toward your kit (depending on the party type and guest sales).

I’ve never sold anything before. Is there training?

As soon as you start your business, you’re joining an active, supportive community. You’ll have a whole team to support you, plus tons of training and resources at your fingertips 24/7.


In fact, we have an online platform you’ll use to grow your skills, your team, and your business.  It is designed to help you learn at your own pace, with the tips, tools, and training you need—right when you need them.


Weekly newsletters and the help of a Colorantic designer / professionnal employee will help you gain knowledge on how to approach your new customers.


Can I start earning money right away?

Absolutely! You’ll earn 25% commission on your sales right away. The more your business grows, the more commission you can make. Consultants can earn up to 30% commission. If you decide to build a team as a one-level Super Creative Coach, you can earn up to an additional 2-3% commission on your team’s sales.* We also offer rewards and gifts to our super creators and coaches, we are a team and we work as such.


Right now as we are launching the Consultant Program, we only have a one-level Coaching. The rest is taken care of by our wonderful Designers and employees at the Colorantic main office. You are considered an official ‘Consultant/Rep’ which makes you a one-level independent business owner. Then you make your earnings based on your sales from our products purchased. You are officially Self-Employed and independent regarding your taxes, we recommend you register your business in your province/state. As an official Incorporated business since 2015, Colorantic 9373446 Canada Inc, trademarked in Canada and USA, we have built confidence towards our name and products over the last years. We are legally registered to sell products and bill taxes. We recommend scheduling a consultation with an accountant in your country to look at all the legal advice regarding starting your own home business. Home business insurance is also something to look at with your Home Insurance company.


*Actual earnings can vary depending upon time committed, skill level, and other factors. Not everyone will achieve the same results. Those who invest in themselves, training outside our company, and take time to invest in their independent consultant business will gain knowledge and see results.

How do I get free and discounted products?

As a consultant, you can buy products any time at a 25% discount based on your 3 months sales, and you’ll be able to get the newest and monthly special products for 35% off. When you submit sales each month, you’re also earning monthly rewards like free products or Colorantic gear (carry-on shoulder bags, roller rep bags, and clothing).

How many hours do I need to work?

You decide how many hours you’ll need to reach your goals: There’s no quota or timecard. You can ramp up your party schedule when you have more time—or a bigger goal—and scale back when you want. One of the best things about Colorantic business is the flexibility to work around another job or family commitments!

Is there a minimum I need to sell to remain a consultant?

To enjoy the perks of being a consultant, you’ll want to submit at least $1000 in personal sales every 1 year including the first consultant kit. In the paint world, as a consumable and renewable products, you will find out that this is easily attainable!

How do host and guest rewards work?

Your hosts earn rewards like free products and discounts based on party sales—and it’s all paid for by Colorantic. Your guests and online customers can get free products by placing a minimum order, too!

What kind of guarantee do Colorantic products have?

Colorantic has a reputation for products that last, high-quality, Canadian-made, are easy to apply and get maximum results on projects. Our products are selected after extensive testing by our in-house Product Development & Designers team, and many are exclusive to Colorantic—which is why we stand behind each and every product we sell.


We want all our consultants and customers to love what’s on their furniture and home decor projects! Our paints, varnish and waxes have a shelf time life of 3 years, other products such as our high quality paint brushes are guaranteed for 5 years (with proper usage). You can read more about all our guarantees here.


If your customers aren’t completely satisfied with their purchases, most of our products can be returned for an exchange or refund within a year (seal unbroken). Customers also have a dedicated telephone number to reach our Solution Center with questions about returns and guarantees.