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Chalk Based Paint – Paint a Dining Set with Colorantic

How to paint a dining room set with chalk based paint? It’s easy, find out how below.

The artist Lisa-Marie Tanguay from the shop Instant de Bonheur, located in Victoriaville, QC share with you some tips and tricks about painting a whole dining room set with Colorantic chalk based paint and wax products. The original furniture were very shinny, meaning it has an oil-based varnish/paint. Lisa-Marie wanted to give them a fresh look while keeping the natural wood on tops. To paint this project, Lisa-Marie has used one of the best paint seller at Colorantic: Cotton Ball, a pure white chalk based paint colour. First of all, to paint her furniture, she has used those various Colorantic products:

Prep Steps

1st step:

Prep. To paint glossy dining room and yellowing varnish furniture set, it must be understood that it is certainly an oil-based varnish on the wood. To test if it’s an oil or water based varnish, take a nail polish remover bottle and if the colour stays on your cotton ball / linen, it is varnish / water-based paint = no problem, a TSP and light sanding can do the preparatory work. On the other hand, if your cotton ball / linen has no reaction and remains intact = furniture with a varnish or oil-based paint underneath,  then go to step 2.

2nd step:

Glossy surface = oil based. When you want to paint a dining room set, it is often a varnish or oil painting on the wood. It is therefore necessary to sand lightly to remove the shine. Then spray with a TSP, rinse and apply a primer as a preparatory step to reduce the number of layers of chalk based paint and allow your transformation to last a very long time!

Development Steps

3rd step:

Paint 2 to 3 layers. Pale shades are harder to work with. Especially the whites. If you have furniture with dark wood and you want a light colour, you may need 4 to 5 coats of chalk based paint. On the other hand, modifying from a light to dark furniture colour will reduce the number of layers to about 3. For pale to pale or dark to dark, count between 2 to 3 layers maximum. To save costs and steps (1 to 2 steps less coats), remember to apply an undercoat oil-based primer. You will save time and money!

4th step:

Let it cure. Between each coat of paint, you must wait from 1 to 3 hours (depending on the degree of humidity in your environment). Before applying the wax, wait 24 hours to allow the paint to adhere well and stick well on your furniture.

Final Steps

5th step:

Natural wax. Once the chalk paint layers dry, apply the natural bee wax (here an 8 oz was needed for all those furniture) with a Colorantic round wax  brush. It is suggested to apply wax with round wax brushes (16mm silk bristles, # 5, # 7 or # 11 boar bristles, or the round brush XL, all of Colorantic) because if your use a cloth, the wax will soak at the beginning of the furniture but it will not remain at the end since the cloth will drink the wax unlike the wax brushes that will make the application of waxes on furniture even.

6th step:

Rub. Wipe the natural wax lightly with a slightly damp cloth to allow the Colorantic natural wax to penetrate the furniture and obtain a light application. Do not put too much natural wax because your furniture will stay greasy too long. You can go to step 7 the same day.

7th step:

Apply the Black Wax. Lightly apply the Black Coal Wax from Colorantic in the corners, and on other furniture space to give a natural look. Do not put too much dark wax. Sand lightly with a damp cloth. Let it cure/dry for 1 to 7 days.

Happy painting!

Guest Artist: Lisa-Marie Tanguay from Instant de Bonheur in Victoriaville, QC 581-595-9523 or lisamarie.tanguay3@hotmail.com – book an appointment or visit her Facebook page-

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