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How to paint a hutch with Colorantic's products and Benedicte Précédent Suivant Click on this picture above to watch our Tutorial Video Introduction Painting a hutch is not that difficult, it is getting easier with the help of our Colorantic's blogger Benedicte. In only a couple of hours, this simple and fade buffet was completely transformed to a beautiful project. List of Used Products TSP (sold in hardware store) Mist Caribbean Sea Mermaid Cotton Ball Nautical  Summer Storm Ocean Blue Metallic Gold Jewel Metallic Champagne Metallic Snow White Small White Filament Paint Brush Petit pinceau d'artiste filament blanc (paquet de 3) Angle Brush 2'' 50mm Oval Paint Brush 35 mm Oval Paint Brush 55mm Round Wax Brush 16mm Sanding Block

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How to transform a dresser with Colorantic and Bénédicte Girard Bénédicte Girard, our new Colorantic's Blogger Ambassador, Share her new DIY video on furniture restoration. She added fabric on the dresser's doors. Here are the Colorantic's products she has used for this project: Grapefruit Cotton Ball Champagne Metallic Opaque Paint Natural Beeswax 35mm Silk Oval Chalk Based Paint Brush 55mm Silk Oval Chalk Based Paint Brush 16mm Silk Round Wax Brush Lepage Wood Glue Fabric from Club Tissus Prep Steps If your furniture is on bare wood (here it was natural pine wood), you have no preparation to do. You are ready to paint! If for instance, your furniture has an oil based varnish or paint, melamine or plastic material, we recommand using a primer first. There



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