Can you paint porcelain houses with Colorantic? Yes! Here’s how to do it

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How to paint porcelain houses

Diane Lavoie shares with us a special Christmas project that she carried out a few years ago, but which is still relevant around the holidays. How can you paint porcelain houses? Well, the answer can be found just a little further down in this article!

The holiday season is just around the corner, a time when decorating ideas are limitless. Although I am very fond of a few traditions, I also like new things.

It was one morning at the beginning of November 2017, sitting in the workshop in front of the wood stove, my feet propped up on a log and a good hot chocolate in my hand that I suddenly had a mad desire . A desire for raw wood, white, gilding, silver and bling-bling for our new Christmas decorations.

While there is no question of investing in new, I am  the great fan of  a “makeover”, quickly found myself head first in the bottom of a bin to take out a treasure that had been buried for a few years. .

So excited about my project, just a few minutes later I was in design mode. Here is my first “makeover” for this theme.

Products used to paint the porcelain houses

Step 1 – Clean

Spray the porcelain houses with the varnish remover/cleaner, spread with a cloth and leave it on the surface for about five minutes.


Step 2 – Rinse

Rinse well by wiping it all down with water to remove all of the residues.


Step 3 -Paint

You are now ready to apply your first coat of Cotton Ball paint. Let it dry well and apply a second coat of paint if needed and let dry for a minimum of  30 minutes.


Step 4 – Wax

Apply a layer of natural beeswax to the entire surface, with a wax brush, this will help you to make any necessary corrections.


Step 5 – Finishing

Mix a little natural beeswax with the antique brown wax to reduce the colour a bit and then apply it with your fingertip and cloth, also use a little charcoal black wax with your fingertip in the desired areas to achieve the desired effect. It is always possible to correct by reapplying natural wax.

Création îlot de cuisine
création îlot de cuisine


Not wanting to spend a huge amount on decorations that are only used a few weeks a year and especially not loving the unnecessary accumulation, I gave a second, third… and even a fourth life to my invaluable treasures.

Living in the beautiful Laurentians region, I like to create with what I already have and with the wonders that nature offers us.

It’s all simply magnificent. You are now ready to paint porcelain houses!




Photo de Diane Lavoie une enthousiaste de Colorantic

Diane Lavoie

Diane Lavoie is a great Colorantic paint enthusiast. At first a faithful consumer of our chalk paint from wire to brush, we started collaborating with her. Very talented, with a completely natural sense of style and her projects are always sumptuous! Diane is very creative and she understands how to get a lot with little. His blog posts are always interesting. Here is a selection of articles written by Diane Lavoie. - Recycle a window using Colorantic paint - Transforming old cabinets Diane Lavoie is particularly active in giving you advice in the French-speaking Facebook group '' TRUCS/Déco en tout genre ''. She shows you her latest projects, new products, her inspirations of the moment, her interventions are always relevant! Diane does not only like decorating and painting. She is a woman of heart who loves to celebrate her family, her husband but also her faithful feline friend Cinnamon, who loves to embellish the decorations too. Word from Diana; Our dream is to restore an old house. We acquired a house built in 1906 and in 1992 this adventure began. I like the decor and I like the originality. Seven years ago I discovered a passion for the upgrading of furniture and various recovered objects. Now that the house has been completely restored, I have great pleasure in personalizing it exclusively and at a low price.


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