Bilingual French & English only manufacturer of Chalk Paint and other items for DIY furniture refinishing

Over the past few years, the passion for reusing furniture and other objects has grown considerably. More and more people are choosing Colorantic.

Located in Victoriaville, Quebec, Colorantic is a manufacturer/distributor of chalk paints, waxes, varnishes, glitters, glazes, decorative handles, brushes, stencils and more. Everything under one roof for perfect upgrading at lower cost.

Colorantic ‘s strong growth is mainly due to our unique, high-end products and short delivery times, not to mention our excellent customer service.

We would be delighted to count you among our retailers. For the first 3 months, we offer free delivery! A promo code will be sent to you to place your orders online on our retailer site.

Our mission

Our primary objective is to be loyal to our retailers. Our values are the foundation of our company. That’s why we’ve created a way for you to benefit from buyers in your region. You will be in charge of supporting your community and we aim to promote fairness & loyalty to our retailers. We know how much you invest in your business. We want to empower contractors to bring you new ways to promote Colorantic™ products. In other words, our goal is to include you in our Colorantic™ family!

Why choosing Colorantic?

Here are some good reasons to choose Colorantic

  • The only company to use real liquid chalk
  • Canadian UPC barcodes
  • Product liability insurance
  • Bilingual social media presence
  • Popular influencers include Natacha Watier (Natacha Créative), Rosalie Taillefer-Simard, Anaïs Favron and many others.
  • Canadian MSDS
  • The paint is totally non-toxic, as it contains no lead. The added colorants contain only tiny amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), meeting Health Canada government standards.
  • Waxes are in no way toxic. Natural beeswax is approved and rated “Food Grade” by Health Canada chemists. This makes it perfect for woodworkers and people who want to use wax on butcher blocks and wooden bowls.
  • Bilingual product labels in compliance with Quebec’s Bill 101.
  • Sales training (online Webinar or in person)
  • The colors of the chalk paint are vibrant and deep. These, each as pretty as the next, charm makeover enthusiasts.
  • With the environment at heart, Colorantic has opted for reusable plastic paint pots and lids instead of metal containers. Using these jars, the paint can be stored on the shelves for up to three years.
  • At Colorantic , you can also purchase four chalk bases (sizes, pints and gallons), which can be coloured with the color codes of popular paint manufacturers such as Benjamin Moore, Sico, MF, Bétonel, Behr and many others. What more could you ask for… top-of-the-range chalk paint in an infinite variety of colors to satisfy the needs of all your customers, while always respecting the environment. Colorantic is the only chalk paint company that offers this opportunity to its customers.

Our offer

We have different starting packages. Submit your starting amount and we’ll work with you to create a customized quote! Starting amount $500+ minimum

Hardware package

For shops and hardware stores with coloring machines

Boutiques package

For designers and deco stores without coloring machines

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We want to keep you around for a long time!

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