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Chalk paints, waxes and glazes

Colorantic™ chalk paints with their chalky matte finish are completely non-toxic, have no lead content and the added colorants contain only a tiny amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As a result, our coloring products meet all Health Canada government standards. Colorantic™ products and chalk paints are environmentally friendly.

Instead of conventional metal canes, we use plastic containers with resealable lids to preserve the paint. In addition to being creamy and smooth, the velvety texture of our unique water-based chalk paint recipe is made from primary ingredients in Canada. We’ve developed our own chalk paint recipe to help our customers realize their projects. It’s so easy and fun to paint with Colorantic™. Whether you’re an experienced painter or not, you’ll quickly fall under the spell of our products.

The chalk paints, waxes and glazes we set up dry in a record time of around 30 minutes. This formula allows you to apply a second coat quickly, saving you time for other activities. What’s more, Colorantic™ chalk paint adheres to virtually any surface, such as wood, fabrics and matt metal, with little preparation. If you have high-gloss wooden furniture, all you need to do is sand lightly, clean with TSP, rinse and then apply the paint. On the other hand, some glossy surfaces or those with a high-gloss varnish may require an oil primer before applying our Colorantic™ chalk paints.

Colorantic™ offers you a wide range of pre-mixed colors: 32 chalk paint colors, 5 metallic paint colors, 4 glitter colors, 4 glazes and 6 waxes. The company also offers a wide selection of accessories. We carry brushes, cleaners, hand products and even handles to complete your furniture refinishing or restoration projects.

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Where can I find Colorantic chalk paints, waxes and glazes?

Our chalk paint and all Colorantic products are distributed in many regions of Quebec and Canada. You can order directly from our website or from a retailer near you. Place your order via our website now. https://colorantic.com/magasinez



We are actively seeking new dealers in all regions and would be delighted to receive suggestions from the public. We are proud to encourage local merchants and invite you to support your community’s local economy!

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Now all you have to do is dip your brush and apply the Colorantic™ color of your choice.